in Fairies


Some time at evening
When the sun has gone to rest
Quietly look in the garden
It's the time Fairies like best.

They love to dress in dewdrops
And wear diamonds in their hair,
They love to blow the stars along
They never have a care.

They love to dress in colours bright
And dance beside the river,
To see the ripples on the water
Where the reeds bend and quiver.

Moonbeams play among their feet
And tiny animals scurry
The Fairies have a wonderful time
They are never in a hurry.

If you are quiet as you walk
In the calm that evening brings
You will see them dancing
And see their gossamer wings.

They dance around the mushroom,
In the quiet of the Lily Pond,
They sing the very special songs
Of which they are so fond.

Walk through the Fairy Garden,
See the river on it's way,
Find the special places
Where Fairies play at end of day.

Listen to the silence
When they have gone to sleep,
Enjoy the happiness the Fairies bring
It is yours to have and keep.

Linda J. Vaughan
September 2007

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