Within the Fairy Garden
Is a place of calm retreat,
Little voices singing,
Tiny hands and busy feet.

Love and kindness live there
And perfume fills the air,
Happy little folk are dancing
Living without care.

The seasons in the garden
Come and go with ease
There is music and laughter ~
A place that's bound to please.

A place of radiant colour
Of soft and gentle hues,
A little Cobbler working
Making fairy shoes.

Within the Fairy Garden
Mischief is about
As little tiny fairies
Play and jump and shout.

Splashing in the river
In the reeds around the bend
There is joy and laughter
And everyone is friend.

A clever fairy sewing
As busy as can be
Pretty little dresses
For those who believe to see.

Fairies often gather
Beside the Lily Pool,
Spreading petals on the water
And keeping themselves cool.

Little fairies playing
Sliding down moonbeams
Giggling and laughing
With gentle fairy screams.

The sky is filled with diamonds
And golden moonbeams shine
Over this peaceful garden
Where everything is fine.

If you believe then step inside
This beautiful, magic filled place,
Within the fairy garden
You can forget time and space.

Linda J. Vaughan
March 2008