Sunset Love


I sat in my car at the parking lot
At the start of a busy day.
I looked up and saw a couple
Slowly walking my way.

They crossed the road together,
He gently took her arm
Easy to see she was special to him
That he would keep her from harm.

She was going shopping ~
This is where they had to part.
They smiled at each other
I could almost feel her fluttery heart.

She quietly turned and faced him
He gently tilted her chin,
They hugged each other closely
Not wanting to let the world in.

He stroked her silver hair
And steadied her on her feet.
He handed her the walking stick
Before he crossed the street.

He kissed her and she blushed,
He squeezed her hand and left her there
With the memory of his tender kiss
And his loving care.

It touched my romantic heart
And somehow made me ponder,
Just how long these two
Have shared love’s special wonder.

In his eyes were diamonds
And he kissed her where the world could see,
He stood and watched her walk away
And he gently smiled at me.

I smiled and sensed the wonder
Of a love which has lasted the years
It was such a special morning
And my eyes were wet with tears.

© Linda J. Vaughan

April 15th. 2005














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