She spreads the wings of friendship
And colour wherever she goes.
She loves her children with a passion
This everybody knows.

So very strong her feelings
About the injustice of things,
She gently tries to ease the pain
With gentle gossamer wings.

The colour of her character
Is shown for all to see
And yet she tries to hide her pain
From others such as me.

I feel the comfort of her wings
As she gently flutters by,
Bringing colour to my life
And I am left to wonder why.

Just why my life is blessed indeed
By a beautiful Butterfly girl,
Who spends her day in kindness
While her life is in a whirl.

But I am blessed indeed
To see these butterfly wings,
To share the joy and happiness
That special friendship brings.

A special Butterfly gift
Bought by a man of few words.
Selected at Christmas time
To show how much he cares.

A beautiful Butterfly necklace
For a beautiful Butterfly Girl.
Wear it with pride Butterfly Girl,
Show your beauty to the world.

Written with love for My Butterfly Girl

2nd. January 2006

Linda J. Vaughan

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