I thought today of treasure –
Not just the Pirate kind.
I thought of all the little things
And such joy it brought to mind.
I thought of how we’re different
And how what pleases you
May not appeal to me of course,
But I am glad it pleases you.

So I thought that I would list
Some treasures I hold dear
And share them with you now
I think you will see so clear.
A fuzzy little caterpillar
In a chubby little hand
A shining silver trumpet,
The music of a band

A worn and much loved teddy bear,
A puppet made from and old sock.
Shells from the seaside
And a favourite pet rock.
Letters tied with ribbon,
A garter of blue lace.
Flowers from a garden
A smile on a friend's face.

A special phone call and the memory
Of holding a hand so strong
The touch of a bearded face
The joy of a special shared song
Days in the sun, autumn leaves
And walking in the rain.
Joy after sadness
Peace after pain.

These are my treasures
And they live in my heart
They belong to me and
Will always be a special part..
Of who I am and what I believe
And the things that bring joy to me.
They are the treasures of my heart
And always will be.

© Linda J. Vaughan

The Pages of Avalon

November 10th. 2001