I hold in my hand a photograph,
Tiny and black and white.
The corners are crumpled
Too long itís been out of sight.
The face that I see is smiling
And there is a sparkle in the eyes,
It brings back so many memories
Of one who was generous and wise.

The jaw line is square and determined;
The shoulders are broad and strong.
I thought he would be with me forever
Sadly I was wrong.
I still feel his presence with me
As I walk down memory lane
It seems like only yesterday
We walked and splashed in the rain.

As I look at the face in the photograph
Memory swamps me again,
I remember the happy days together,
And yes I remember the pain.
I remember as I watched him aging
How his eyes would sparkle still;
The shadow would pass across his face
When his body could not do his will.

It is just a tiny photograph,
Taken long ago and in other place,
Yet the smile and sparkling eyes
Have transcended time and space.
A smiling face in a picture
Frozen for ever in time.
I am glad to have this and know
That this man was Father of mine.

© Linda J. Vaughan
July 2008