Such news we hear on our radio
And pictures clear we see,
Of the things we do to each other
And claim it's wanting to be free.

How could a human being
Hold captive itís little innocents,
In the name of freedom and liberty
Is this what your actions meant ?

You would neither feed or comfort them
Nor give them water to drink.
When they cried in fear and terror
What did you really think?

You changed their lives for ever
You left such damage done
These were precious children ~
Someone's daughter - someone's son.

You put before them
Scenes they should never see,
You shot at them as they ran
In an attempt to get free.

Could you not see their fear
Or hear their tortured cries?
Could you not see their panic
In shrouded darkened eyes?

You stole from them their laughter,
Replaced it with bitter tears.
You took away their childhood
And left a legacy of fears.

They lost their friends and playmates,
Their innocence and more,
You took away their willingness to trust
When they faced death's dark door.

You took away their parents
And family life is forever changed.
You shattered many many hearts
When their world you rearranged.

I see the agony of Parents
searching for a much loved child,
I see the torture on their faces
Their thoughts and eyes are wild..

I try to understand your actions
I don't - but I often try.
I wish that I could follow your logic
And know the reasons why.

In a world which seems to be
Sometimes quite out of control,
I try to find forgiveness for you
I try to understand the whole.

I don't understand your actions
And it brings me no relief.
What you have done in Beslan
Truly defies belief.

I weep with the women of Beslan,
With the men who dig the graves
I weep with the journalist
Who tries so hard to be brave.

I cry with those who have survived
What does life hold for them,
How can they forget and get over this
And learn to live again?

© Linda J. Vaughan

September 5th. 2004

The Pages of Avalon

1200 hostages were held by terrorists in Beslan (Russia) in September 2004
344 died of which 186 were children.
Many more were injured and damaged.



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"Evening Falls"
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