Itís Valentineís Day again
And I was deep in thought
About the loves we share in life
And the pain so often brought.

There are many kinds of love
Oh yes we know so well,
That very first rush of emotion !
Then the secrets we cannot tell.

First dates and celebrations
A dress and veil of white.
A blessed much loved baby
And sitting up all night.

We get so very busy
Through their teenage years
Love brings us joy and pride
And often frightened tears.

Then there is the love of friendship
And those who really care,
Who walk the valley with us
And let us know theyíre there.

We feel love for those weíve lost
Who had to leave along the way.
Their memory is bitter sweet
But itís with us everyday..

We love our aging parents
Who fast become so frail
They did so very much for us
And made sure we didnít fail.

Each type of love is different
Yet special in itís way,
All part of our journey
And those we meet along the way.

The wheel goes full circle
And love blooms once again
Let love shelter and protect you
Like an umbrella in the rain.

© Linda J. Vaughan

February 12th. 2006

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