Please be patient with me
And let me grieve,
Take my hand
Help me to believe.

Though days are dark
And my path not clear
Lift me up ~
Ease my fear.

I am confused ~
I donít understand
The things that are ~
That have been planned.

Afraid and troubled
I feel quite lost.
Anchor me safe
For my boat is tossed!

Help me look up
And donít ask me why
I have trouble seeing
A cloud free sky.

You donít see me cry
So canít wipe my tears,
I say Iím alright
In spite of my fears.

Just be here for me
And listen again
To the things in my heart
That cause me such pain.

My life is all different
Quite out of control,
I long for the day
When I can feel whole.

© Linda J. Vaughan

July 7th. 2005