Every Day Miracles

Everyday miracles ~ a sky of blue,
The changing of the seasons.
Walking in the park
Understanding the reasons.

Everyday miracles ~ a smile from your face
A special kind word, the touch of a hand.
Food on my table, a cosy warm bed,
Seeing the way things are planned.

Every day miracles ~ a call from a friend,
Just checking to see all is fine,
Love and affection everyday miracles
These blessings are mine.

Everyday miracles ~ kindness and trust,
Tenderness and care,
Encouragement and support
Everyday miracles so that I dare.

Everyday miracles sunrise and sunset,
Soft breezes on cool autumn days.
Everyday miracles watching and seeing
The summer heat haze.

Everyday miracles laughter and fun,
Rest after weariness the wiping of tears.
Someone to share
The depth of my fears.

Everyday miracles friends sharing
The journey I take, to hear me when I call,
Everyday miracles
Lifting me up when I fall.

Every moment should be cherished
For they are surely there,
Those everyday miracles
Around us everywhere.

Linda J. Vaughan

July 2006

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