Desert Angel Designs - A Flower in the Garden



For Grace Tegan

Little girl with eyes so blue,
And hair of honey gold,
You are a flower in the garden ~
The sweetest we could hold.
You are nearly two years old
And off on your journey now,
Exploring and adventuring
And we can see you grow.

You have brought joy to many hearts
And blessed our lives with love,
A very special little girl,
Sent from Heaven above.
You are your Mummy’s special joy
And you’re Daddy’s little girl,
You have captured Grandpa’s heart
And have him in a whirl.

You are a flower in our garden,
And often bring a smile,
You make our burdens lighter
As we travel every mile.
We watch you grow and wonder
What life holds for you
, We wish you special blessings
In everything you do.

We wish you a peaceful voyage
On a calm untroubled tide.
We wish you exciting adventures
And joys you cannot hide.
We wish you a diamond studded sky,
And dewdrops on a rose,
A cool breeze on a summer day
And sand between your toes.

We wish you pools to splash in,
When you walk upon the sand,
Shells to collect and crabs to see,
And holding Mummy’s hand.
A full moon for you to wonder at
Kittens and Puppies at play,
A happy type of tiredness
When you reach the end of day.

We wish you shelter from a storm,
An umbrella to keep you dry,
Friends to keep you company,
Someone to answer “why”.
We wish you love and laughter,
A warm and comfy bed,
A soft and downy pillow
Where you can lay your head.

Special thoughts and dreams for Grace

© Linda J. Vaughan

October 2006

©Desert Angel Designs, 2006