A Place to be Treasured

There is a special garden
A haven of retreat,
Where old friends often gather
And where new friends can meet.

I hold this special garden
As a rich and special treasure,
For there indeed is found the joy
Of friendship in full measure.

This garden is universal
With many special bowers,
Where we can take the time
To shelter from life’s showers.

There are special places
Where talent can be shared,
And other special support groups
Where we can say we cared.

A neat and tidy garden
Often takes a lot of work,
But we have special Garden Keepers
Who never ever shirk.

They keep the garden running
With Grace and humour too
Liaising with Committee Leaders
Supporting all we do.

Birthdays are remembered,
Anniversaries too,
And we acknowledge happy times
And days when they are “blue”.

So Happy Birthday Garden of Friendship
A treasured place indeed,
There there is always something happening
To meet our every need.

© Linda J. Vaughan

4th. July 2008