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Here we stand at the door of the year ~
A year that is untouched and new.
Our hearts are full of hope once more
We think of the things we will do.

What do you want from this new year
Is it happiness or health?
Safety and comfort for your children
Or just a little wealth?

We should all have hope as we carry on
Into the unknown days,
That the friends we have and the love we show
Will be with us all our days.

There is so much that we can do
As together we stand side by side,
We can work together no matter our home
And spread the love world wide.

Let's care for our world a little more
And let's teach our children well.
To care for our earth and it's people
And be captivated by her spell.

Let the beauty around us catch our breath
As we view so many great things,
A diamond dewdrop on a rose
A butterfly's perfect wings.

Listen to the music of the river on the run
The babbling brook as it rushes past,
The leaves that rustle in the tree
Leaving memories to last.

Hear the winds of life
And forever thankful be,
For all of the joys of this life
And all the beauty you see.

Come stand with me and take my hand,
Despite all this world's great strife,
Hold on to me and we will find great joy
Dancing on the winds of life.

Linda J. Vaughan

29th. December 2008