In a world of flowers and sunshine
What have we done to you Mother Earth?
We have treated you so badly
You, who gave us birth.

We have polluted and silted up your rivers
And made the ice floes melt,
Such pain and such great agony
All around us now is felt.

Carbon emissions and chemical spills,
Oil slicks on your water,
What heritage are we leaving
For every son and daughter?

There is so much I want to do
To restore you to your health,
To bring you back to a time
Of beauty and natural wealth.

I will try to do my little bit
In any way I can,
I shall try to teach these things
To my fellow man.

Iíll turn the lights off in my home
When they are no longer needed,
I will talk to my children
And hope that they have heeded.

Re-cycling will be my theme
In my world and in my home,
I shall work for cleaner oceans
And clear white seaside foam.

Protection of the animals
Entrusted to my care,
Will be the theme of my message
To people everywhere.

Hope will be my message,
And love will be my theme,
I want to work with all of you
To bring about my dream.

© Linda J. Vaughan

(aka Angel of Avalon)

July 2007

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