I have a group of old friends
Special and dear to me,
I often spend some time with them
They live in my memory.

I have an old and comfy chair
That gives me strength and rest,
This friend brings me comfort
When Iíve been put to the test.

Comfortable shoes to slip on,
At the end of a busy day,
It always feels so very good
When these friends come my way.

A gentle piece of music
That stirs my soul to sing,
What better cheer and comfort
Could this special friend bring?

A book with yellowing pages
Much loved and well read,
Often picked up and perused
When I get into bed.

A box of crumpled photographs
Love letters tied with blue,
Hours to spend with these friends ~
They remind me of you.

A friendship box now quite full
Of treasures from the years,
These are the Old Friends of mine
Bringing comfort to my years.

© Linda J. Vaughan

June 2007

The Pages of Avalon