Come through the Gateway to Avalon
There is much here to learn,
It is a very special place
The place for which I yearn

Where did it come from my Angel name?
How did it come to be?
It is a description of my thoughts ~
Itís what defines me.

It tells you I am a dreamer
With connections to the past,
That I love the myth and legend
And know that these will last.

Avalon describes the place
Where my heart can be at peace,
In thoughts I walk beside the lake
And feel the gentle breeze.

I see the Castle on the hill
Excalibur and the Knights,
A round and much used table,
Perfect, pretty sights.

King Arthur and Queen Guinevere
Ladies in long dresses,
Glances of adoration here
Admiring beautiful long tresses.

Horses on the hillside
Ready when called for battle,
The thunder of the hoof beats,
The sound of lowing cattle.

I am the Guardian of Avalon
I see the place sun kissed,
Come join me on my journey
Walk safely through the mists.

Come, take my hand my friend
Step confidently through the gates.
Find love and mystery here ~
Avalon awaits.

© Linda J. Vaughan (also known as Angel of Avalon)

July 2007