My Daughters

Gone are the baby days
When you needed me,
Looking back I see things
As they used to be.
You brought such joy to life
And I would often cry ~
I wanted only the best for you-
Diamonds in your sky,

I gave you roots to anchor you
And wings that you may fly,
I watched you on your journey -
You struggled and I would sigh.
I nurtured you and listened
Laughed and cried with you
Gave you wisdom for the journey
And hoped it would see you through.

The two of you are different
As any two could be,
But you both bring love and joy
And are treasured each day by me.
I hope the wisdom is enough for you
To carry you through your days,
I am very proud of you
And all your special ways.

Linda J. Vaughan

August 2006

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