When we look at you we wonder
Just where you are today ?
We want to stay and talk with you
But donít know what to say.
We remember oh so much of you,
Of the things you said and did.
The love and laughter that you shared,
The tears you often hid.

You were different people to all of us
Wife and Mother to some.
Friend and cheery neighbour,
But now what have you become?
A shadow of your former self,
An empty shell ~ still cherished
But for you it is all so different ~
All sense and memory perished!

An increased forgetfulness,
Something said which is not quite right
A constant repeating of something
We have heard seven times tonight.
Itís not the physical slowing
That causes us such pain
Itís the misting of the eyes
When memory fails again.

It bothers us so very much
When you forget to shower,
That you cannot even remember
Which has been your favourite flower.
Odd socks and shoes
And three dresses on in the morning!
A blank and distant look
Which gives to us a warning.

For us the saddest thing of all
Is that you barely know
How very much we love you
And we wonder why itís so.
You were kind and loving
And generous to your core
It brings to us great comfort
To open memoryís door.

We look into your clouded eyes
And your confused expression see,
It breaks our hearts to see you thus Ė
But we have memory.
We recall your smile, your touch
The days when life was grand.
We love you and we remember
And accept the way it is planned.

© Linda J. Vaughan

April 2005

ďWhen the mind longs to follow but the memory erases
And the lips form the words but the
heart no longer sings.Ē

~ Buddy Sheffield

This came to me following the conversation with a friend whose Mother was in the advanced stages of Altzheimers Disease.