I look at you and wonder
What the future holds for you,
What do the days have in store
For someone such as you?

Your hair is soft and wispy
And strong you are ~ itís true,
But what does the future hold
Baby with beautiful eyes of blue.

I wonder if there will be
Songs of joy for you ~
A peaceful life of love
Boy with eyes of blue.

Will you see the sunrise
Through those eyes of blue,
And will the Man in the Moon
Bring special smiles to you?

As you walk through life
Will you see the roses bloom,
Will you see the mists clear
And take away the gloom?

I wonder if the world will be
A happy place for you,
Will you see love and laughter
In everything you do?

Will you grow and see the world
Through fresh and tender eyes,
Will the world bring you pleasure
And very great surprise?

Will you see the ocean roll
And the waves beat on the shore
Will you see the changing of the seasons
As they knock upon your door?


Will those blue eyes sparkle
As you meet a special soul,
Who brings you love and laughter
And somehow makes you whole?

Will you see love in the eyes
Of a woman whom you love,
Will your life bring special blessings
From Heaven up above?

I hope that you can see the joy
Of your children as they are born,
May peace and love surround you
As you welcome in the dawn.

My hopes and prayers for you
Are for a world filled with peace,
Health and happiness
And joys that do not cease.

Little boy with blue eyes
You are just two weeks old,
You have brought such special joys ~
A special life to hold.

Baby boy with eyes of blue
May angels guard and guide
And may there be a special love
That you could never hide.

© Linda J. Vaughan
August 2007

Written for Henry Damon Crawford
Born Monday July 30th. 2007

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