The days are very busy ~ it's that time of year,
There is still so much to do.
I have been quietly thinking
About the gifts I would like to give you.

I wish that I could wrap these gifts
And tie them with a bow,
Place them under your Christmas tree
Without a fuss or show.

Quiet "wish gifts" from a friend
Tied with ribbons of care,
Wrapped in the paper of love,
These I would like to share.

Peace - in your heart and in your home,
Your workplace and your town,
Peace for our troubled world,
Which oft seems turned upside down.

Joy - in the little things of life,
A smile or the touch of a hand,
Joy and that special magic
Spread throughout our land.

Hope - for a better tomorrow
For troubles soon to cease,
Hope for the little children
To grow up in a world of peace.

- to chase away the gloom,
And bring pleasure to our days,
Laughter to ease your difficult path
Warmth from sun's golden rays.

Love - for your family and friends
And for those you've yet to meet,
Love and health and happiness
For those you meet and greet.

So when you look at the gifts beneath your tree
Remember the love and the thought,
These are the most precious gifts of all
Ones that could never be bought.

Linda J. Vaughan
December 2007