Remember When ………

Looking back in memory
And glimpsing at the years,
I see so very many things
Of laughter and of tears.
I see again the babies
And hold them in my arms ~
Once more I am captivated
By their love and tender charms.

A house once very quiet
Now reels with banging doors,
I see the muddy footprints
On the freshly mopped floors.
I remember when a bandage
Would make the world seem right?
I remember how quickly they grew
And suddenly a shoe was tight?

School days came so soon,
They listened to their teachers,
We watched the ballet lessons
And sat on cold cold bleachers.
Busy breakfast mornings,
School books and shoes and pens
Finding something for “show and tell
Oh yes I remember very very well.

Summer holidays and playing
In water and the sun,
Picnics in the garden
Days of laughter and of fun.
Winter days when winds would howl,
Warm coats and scarves and mittens,
I see you running with the dog
And watching the birth of the kittens.

Nights of sickness when we fretted
And waited for the morning light,
Cooling fevered brows and hoping
Everything would be right.
They grew and shared their secrets
Their dreams and hopes we knew,
We could see them following
The dreams they had to do.

We gave them roots to ground them
And gave them wings to fly,
Why then does it seem to us
That the years are passing by?
We become so busy with it all
That the days just come and go
Suddenly before us we see
Men and women that we know.

Standing tall and very handsome,
Some with children of their own,
I remember when they couldn’t reach
And now how much they have grown.
I could go on forever
With the things I remember, it’s true,
I recall the fulfilment you brought me ~
Mostly I remember YOU.

Busy days when I had so much to do,
Laundry and cooking and sewing,
These were the busiest happiest days
How could I then be knowing?
That when the house was empty and silent
And there was no banging of the door,
Deep down in my heart I would be wishing
That things were the same as before.

© Linda J. Vaughan

June 2006

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