Tears of Sadness and Tears of Joy

Tall strong men whose job it was
To work down underground,
Hearty laughs and big strong hands
The best men that could be found.

Fourteen escaped and three were left
Leaving a town to grieve.
A vigil kept outside the mine
No one wanting to leave.

One was found and brought out
So he could be laid to rest.
A mining man, a family man
One of the very best.

Days moved on and news came through
That two were still alive.
To get them out was the task of those
Who were left to struggle and strive.

They drilled and dug and clawed their way
In the darkness of the mine.
Talking to these two trapped men
Passing them food down a line.

Rock of the hardest ever seen,
Blasts and very much fear.
Could it be done, could they be home
With those they hold so dear?

Fourteen nights and fourteen days
Without the warmth of the sun,
Then came the news we waited for
The battle had been won.

A Church had prayed, nourished and fed
Those who waited at the gate of the mine
Their prayers were answered and at last
We realised all would be fine.

The sirens screamed around the town
Rousing the town from itís sleep.
The Church bell rang out itís joyous news
Around the world we would weep.

At early dawn on a windy. cold day
They were brought to the surface again.
The cheers were loud and the tears flowed
And Heaven cried tears of rain.

Emotions were high and nerves were raw
Strong Mining men shed their tears,
At last they admitted to the world
The depth of all their fears.

Children back in their Daddyís arms
Hugs from a wife and a mother.
A sister to share the excitement
At the coming home of her brother.

The world stood still and waited
And the news when it came was bright.
Brant and Todd were coming home
But we remember Larry Knight.

Thankyou Lord for the lessons learned
As we watched your plan unfold
The sunrise on this morning
Brought to us a touch of gold.

Linda J. Vaughan


9th. May 2006

Music on this page is Georgia on my Mind -
one of Larry Knight's favourite pieces of music.

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