Little Boy

Little Boy my you’ve grown,
And how I miss you so,
My love and care and tenderness
I hope you always know.

I am sure your Mommy
Will always talk of me,
And I have special memories
Of you upon my knee.

I hear that you are laughing
And learning many things,
I hope that you will know
The joy your laughter brings,

My little man – Grandma’s Boy
You hold a very special place
In my dreams and in my heart
No matter time or space.

Please remind your Mommy
To send more pictures of you,
To talk to me very often
To tell me what you can do.

You are very handsome
And bring to me such joy,
Always you will be to me
Grandma’s Boy.

Carry your little boy close in your heart and thought
Suzanne and he will feel the love.

© Linda J. Vaughan

August 2006

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