Can you remember your Grandma's kitchen
And the wonderful cooking smells?
Do you remember standing right beside her
And listening to the things she'd tell?

Remember wearing an apron
And rolling out the dough?
Happy special family times
As you will surely know.

Remember as Grandma got older
How she'd sit and help that way,
Your Mother would do the cooking
And still in the kitchen you'd stay.

A cradle often brought into the kitchen
With a baby contentedly sleeping,
While Grandma cooked and helped Mother
Who quietly her watch was keeping.

The fruits of the garden orchard
Brought into the kitchen with care,
Your Grandma would peel them all,
Every apple and every pear.

Fruits preserved in glass jars
Cookies and tarts and pies,
Do you remember the look of love
That you saw in your Grandma's eyes?

Store the memories of the kitchen
The noises, the spices, the smells,
The warmth of the oven in winter
And the secrets that Grandma would tell.

The days of the family kitchen
Seem lost to our lifestyle
The mending basket in the corner,
Makes my heart to smile.

We lived a much slower lifestyle
We talked and laughed and learned
Soon we were so much older
And these the days we yearned.

The wonderful warm kitchen smells
Bring a special memory to my mind,
Oh to go back to Grandma's kitchen
When days were sweet and kind.

Linda J. Vaughan