My Gentle Friend

My gentle friend I know in dreams
You walk again the hills,
Collecting herbs, making tinctures
And curing many ills.

You lived another life
In Celtic days of old,
You stood on cliff top
And felt the chill and cold.

I see you now as you stand there
Looking out to sea,
At one with land and nature
As happy as can be.

The life you live now is painful
And tears sing your eyes,
You are very gentle,
Kind and Oh so wise.

Your life today is painful
And tears mist your eyes,
You try so hard to hide it
But you really can't disguise.

The years have brought you sadness
And pain you couldn't bear,
Please know that I am here for you
And that I really care.

Please let me encourage you
As you journey on your way,
And know that if I could take your pain
I would take it right away.

So my Celtic lady - walk the cliffs once more,
Feel the salt sea spray misting your eyes,
Breathe the fresh and salty air
And may you always know blue skies.

This is a dream - a memory
Of another life and another time,
Don't try to understand it all
The reason or the rhyme.

Linda J. Vaughan
August 30th. 2008


Written for my Gentle Friend Megan