Life is full of colours
Sunshine, shadows and cloud
Life is full of music
Some soft and some very loud.

I wonder what you see
When you look at the canvas of life,
Is your life a pleasant journey
Or a path full of trouble and strife.

Do you see the golds of morning
As the sun comes peeping through
Are you ready to paint a picture
On this canvas that is new.

The red/bronze heat of noontide
When the sun is very high,
Do you see the world in beauty
And does is make you cry?

The velvet greens of the garden
In every shade and hue,
Each day this painting is different
And meant, my friend for you.

The pink and blue of blossoms;
Do you see them as you pass?
A tiny perfect ladybug
Hiding in the grass.

The soft and downy pillow
Formed by the clouds so white.
Do you imagine you could rest there
And sleep through the entire night?

Do you hear the children’s laughter
And the music that they make?
Do you see them running and playing
Leaving happiness in their wake.

Please look deep into this picture
And share the joys that you find,
The very special memories
Stored forever in your mind.

© Linda J. Vaughan
May 2008