Love is a timeless wonder
Transcending time and space.
Although we will never be together
I recall your special face.
Circumstance would not allow
A love like ours to grow
But I remember how I felt ~
When you I came to know.

It broke my heart to see you go
But I knew it had to be thus,
The time was not right
And there could never be an “us”
I became a tormented soul
When I knew it was not forever,
But I heard the voice in my heart
Telling me “ No – never”.

Had you died it would have been easier,
Than this feeling of not being complete.
It was a very special time,
It is – when two souls meet.
I have felt lost and quite alone,
Disconnected and very cold
But the memories of this special love
Will warm me when I am old.

© Linda J. Vaughan

August 2006

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