I am from the Mountains
Where the wind whistles down the vales,
I am from the Celtic Cheiftains
Who walked the hills of Wales.
I am from the cliff top
Where waves beat on the shore,
I am from the salt sea mist
That has been for evermore.

I am from the wild herbs and flowers
And from the wild mountain thyme,
From the songs and the music
The poetry and rhyme.
I am the Granddaughter of a coal miner
Who saw little of the sun,
Who clawed his way through tunnels
To see a battle won.

I am from the Rhondda Valley
Where life was very tough,
Where rest was very scarce
And hands were scarred and rough.
I am from Deganwy
Where tin was mined for work,
Where people were never afraid
Of long days of toil and work.

I am from the greenest grass
That grows on greenest hills,
Where the mountain streams
Run down in winding rills.
I am from the waterside
Where strong men build giant ships,
I am the daughter of a Shipbuilder
With a smile upon his lips.

I am the only daughter
Of a working family,
That travelled 13,000 miles
For a better life you see.
I am from The Salvation Army
With the bonnet and War Cry,
And still I work for it's cause
And often wonder why.

I am from the oak tree and the willow
That grow on the River Dee Banks
I am from the daffodil
And for this I give great thanks.
I am from Chester ~
A city with great walls,
From Liverpool with it's University
And learning in great halls.

I am a wife and mother
An Australian by choice,
I gave birth to two daughters
And freedom gives them voice.
I am a peace protester
Who dared to take a stand,
When conscripted boys were sent
To fight in foreign lands.

I am a member of Amnesty
And politics plays a part
In all the things I think of
And cherish in my heart.
I am a work colleague and receptionist,
A companion and a friend,
This is the story of my life
And will be until it's end.

Linda J. Vaughan
November 2008