It only takes a moment ~
A second of your day
For life to change forever
As you go on your way.
In the twinkling of an eye
A wave upon the shore,
Life can be so different
Than it was before.

Someone who has walked beside you
Now gone from your reach,
An empty aching void
Such lessons here to teach.
Remembering those special times
And how the memory lingers,
It slips away from you
Like sand between your fingers.

The babies that you longed for
Now quite fully grown,
Making their own lives,
Often with children of their own.
It only takes a moment
For tears to fill your eyes,
To see the storm clouds gather
And not the clear blue skies.

It only takes a moment ~
Suddenly you are young no more,
There is a chill in your heart
And pain is at your door.
Acts of violence and anger
Change the scene for you,
There is no rhyme or reason ~
You know just what to do.

Reach out to those you love
And hold them in your arms,
Be sure to say "I love you"
And "please be safe from harm."
It only takes a moment
To let them know you care
That if they ever need you
Tell them you'll be there.

It only takes a moment ~
We know not what days will hold,
Even on a summer day
The wind can blow so cold.
Walking along the shores of life,
Always be aware
That it only takes a moment
To say how much you care.

Linda J. Vaughan
October 11th. 2007



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