} Jacaranda Christmas


The year has flown and once again
It’s Christmas time once more,
I see around me changes
And things I have seen before
I hear the Christmas music
As I stroll through shopping days
I see Christmas cards with Santa
And children playing on sleighs.

It’s summer in Australia
And we watch the heat haze rise,
There is no snow and ice
Beneath our southern skies.
“Christmas where the gum trees grow,
There is no frost and there is no snow.
Christmas in Australia’s hot
Cold and frosty is what it’s not.” *

Mother Nature reminds us here
That Christmas is on the way,
By the thickening mist of blue
Which blossoms on our way.
The lovely Jacaranda
Echoes the sentiment its true
As she spreads her velvet carpet
In every shade of blue.

The trees around our cities
Stand sentinel all year
And then quietly remind us
That Christmas time is near
So seeing the Jacaranda in bloom
Is such a treasure to me,
Mother Nature has decorated
Her own special “Christmas Tree.”

©Linda J. Vaughan
November 2006
* Val Donlon / Lesley Sabogal


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