I remember oh so very well
The evenings at end of day,
When it was time to pack up toys
And put the games away.

A warm deep bath with bubbles
And children smelling sweet.
Can this really be the first time today,
That I’ve been off my feet?

Sweet smelling sheets and pillow case
Pyjamas fresh and clean,
Books all chosen and ready,
I’m sure you know what I mean.

“Once upon a time” I’d read
And eyes would be so bright,
“Tell me the same story Mum,
The one you told last night.”

“John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat,
Haven’t we read it so much that you know,
How Rose lived alone apart from John Brown,
And the cat came to live and grow.”

I would read it over and over
And watch you as you’re heard
How the Midnight Cat sat by the fire,
And now much John Brown cared.

I would watch you smile
As your eyes grew dim and you drifted off to sleep,
I knew in your dreams you thought of him,
But mine were the memories to keep

Soporific tales at bedtime,
To bring sweet thoughts to you,
As you drifted off on the dream tide
Memories special and true.

© Linda J. Vaughan

December 4th. 2007