Try to find joy in the little things
That touch our lives each day,
Try to find peace in spite of the storms
Which often come our way.
Try to take courage and be support
To those who are in pain,
By just a smile, a tender word
To chase away the rain.

It's often hard as we go through life
To understand the reasons why,
It's very tough as we have to stand
And watch our children cry.
They handle things differently to us
And it pains us to see them so,
But sometimes we can only watch ~
And somehow let them go.

Try to find joy in the little things
And in the strength that they show,
Be proud of the people they have become
Rejoice that you have seen them grow.
Allow them the freedom to be themselves
And to grieve in the ways they must
Have faith that you have been there for them
And that in you they trust.

Linda J. Vaughan
October 2007