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I thought of you this morning
And wondered how you were.
I want to be in touch with you
To let you know I care.

I wondered how your days have been,
And what life has brought your way.
Is there sunshine on your path
Or do raindrops mist your day?

I hope that you are keeping well
And happiness is yours,
I hope that you can find some time
To open memories doors.

I hope that there are flowers,
And friends to share your path.
I hope that there is sunshine
And things to make you laugh.

Times of relaxation,
Lots of books to be read.
Warmth and sweet comfort ~
A soft pillow for your head.

Music to stir your soul and heart
Days of peace and calm,
I wish you a sweet and peaceful rest
And may you be safe from harm.

Linda J. Vaughan

June 2006

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