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Dearest Kat,

Where do I start to say to you
The things I feel in my heart?
These pages have become reality
And you have played your part.
You listened to my dream
You shared and gave it wings,
You helped me grow and learn
So very many things.

You were patient when I was slow
And did not understand ~
When I tried to do things
And they didnít go as planned.
You encouraged me and taught me
The things I needed to know,
You stood on the sidelines and cheered ~
You encouraged me to grow.

Thankyou for the time you have spent,
The faith you had in me.
You repeated things so many times
When I just couldnít see.
Thankyou for your care and faith in me
Thankyou for so very many things,
Your encouragement has meant
That I could give my dreams their wings.

Love and hugs,


© Linda J. Vaughan

June 29 2006

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