These two pieces were written in the days following
Hurricane Katrina one by a friend and followed
by my response.

I bow my head in sorrow
I bow my head in grief,
I lift my eyes to the future,
Hoping, for some relief,
So many, now are homeless,
Without a place to go,
We look upon this mess,
And wish that you could know,
The pain within our hearts,
The sadness in our bones,
To be torn apart,
Frightened and alone,
Have you seen my brother?
Have you seen my friend?
Have you seen my mother?
Will this ever end?
Please, will you take me in?
My family and my self?
It would not be a sin,
To spread around your wealth!
I ask not much,
from those, who have it not,
But those who have been touched,
Only, from those who have a lot!

You know who you are,
The rich and well to do,
You who are superstars,
You who are bred blue!

Do NOT take from the common man,
Those who scarcely make it by,
Take it from your hand,
And your place will be reserved,
in the heavens on high!

© Lorrine McCann


I too stand and wonder
Just where this all will end
I look at natureís fury
And I weep with you my friend.
I hear your children cry
And I listen to your fears
I view the devastation
And I wipe away my tears.

Your land has been ravaged
This time at natureís hand
I look and I see
A tired and weary band.
Travellers on a journey
With no compass and no map
No water and no food
And little energy to sap.

They cannot help themselves
For there is nothing left at all
We must ease their suffering
Their back is against the wall.
These people must be feeling
That there is none to care
That life itself has abandoned them
That it is just not fair. !!

It is okay to ask for calm
But calm would not come to me
If I had to sit and watch
As my child died on my knee.
Indeed I would be angry
Hostile and irate
I would plead for mercy
As I rattled Heavenís Gate.

They canít go back ~ thereís nothing left
And forward there is no way
As morning comes again for them ~
Another painful day.
Death and disease is all around
And some view from lofty towers
Enjoying their wealth and power
Ignoring the final hours.

We who have our homes
Our families and friends
Cannot really imagine
What lies around the bends.
Some sit in lofty offices
Or view the scene from planes
Surely they weep and take action
To ease their brotherís pains.

It is all moving in slow motion
While death stalks the street
Of once proud and lovely cities
Where friends would often meet.
I too bow my head in sorrow
I bow my head in grief
I pray that for these people
Soon will come relief.

© Linda J. Vaughan

2nd. September 2005

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