Life has been good to me
And my children now have grown,
Making their own paths and lives
In ways that I have never known.

Children are important in my heart
and I want only the very best.
I want safety and love for them,
Happy days and peaceful rest.

I look at news bulletins
And my heart recoils in anger,
When I see what some are exposed to
Neglected and in danger!

Beautiful young children
With eyes as big as pools,
In the care of adults
Who have forgotten all the rules.

In the haste to have "my time"
They ignore responsibility,
Expose these children to danger ~
There is no sensitivity.

Children left alone to sleep
At risk of very great danger.
Suddenly are missing
And the blame put on a stranger.

A sweet and angelic child
Left alone in a strange land,
Abandoned by her Father,
Left alone to stand.

A child with little knowledge of the language
Abandoned in an act obscene.
Those beautiful dark and clouded eyes,
I just wonder what they've seen.

Some little ones are exposed to anger
As parents voice their pain,
Please stop and think about what you are doing
These childhood days won't come again.

Give them love and laughter,
A kind and gentle hand,
Please don't strike them or vent your anger
This is not the way it was planned.

Love your little children
Remember that they are a treasure.
Lavish them with tenderness and you will find
They will bring you joy of fullest measure.

Love them, care for them, sing them songs,
Laugh with them, read to them, hold them in your arms
Let their days be filled with sunshine
Allow yourself to be captured by their charms.

In a world that seems at times out of control
Where we are left to wonder why,
Give them roots to anchor them
And wings that they may fly.

Linda J. Vaughan
September 2007


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