~ Kyna ~ You Are Missed.





Twelve years ago these words I said ~
“We don’t need another Pet”
And yet you came to live with us
The sweetest puppy yet.

You were very beautiful
All black and tan soft fur,
You followed me where I went
And I began to care.

We walked in early morning
And watched the sun come up.
Suddenly you had grown
No more a little pup.

You did some “landscape gardening”
And took everything to your bed.
You brought us laughter and fun
And protected us it could be said.

Your deep and throaty bark
Let everyone know you were here,
You were the boss of the other pets
The boss of the family – it was clear.

Your dark and trusting eyes,
Your wet and velvet nose,
Your trust and unconditional love
I shall not forget those.

It was about you and not about me
It would have been cruel to go on.
So now my special furry friend
Your final battle is won.

My heart is sore but I know I did
The very best thing for you
I could not let you suffer –
But I could let you go.

I shall remember you
As I look back over the years
I have the sweetest memories
Washed with painful tears.

Fly free Kyna – you were special.

© Linda J. Vaughan

April 30th. 2005

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