I sat beside the river
The breeze blew through my hair,
I watched the water rippling
And then I saw her there.

Elegantly dressed in a gown
of red and gold,
There was an aura all around her
And the wind blew chill and cold.

I heard her gentle footsteps
On the path and on the grass,
I smelled her earthy fragrance
When I stood back to let her pass.

I felt her mood of playfulness
And saw the trees and leaves around
I turned and saw her leaving
Without ever saying a sound.

I heard her laughter in the trees
And the rustle of the leaves,
I felt the mood of the river
As it gently sighs and heaves,

Who is she and why so familiar
As she fades in the suns dying rays?
She is the Lady of Autumn
And these are her special days.

She moves on in her radiant colour
Her gown vibrant and clear,
Knowing that she will return once more
When the seasons change next year.


Linda J. Vaughan

March 23rd. 2008


The Pages of Avalon


Music on this page is "Lady in Red" by Chris DeBurgh

Image by Alan Ayers