A winter night without a moon
A lamp held in my hand,
Marking the path that I must take ~
Not what I had planned.

Trees bereft of leaves
Shiver in winterís cold
The lamp I carry marks my way
My footsteps not quite bold.

The dry and withering leaves
Crunch beneath my feet,
My heart is beating loudly
Itís you I long to meet.

The cold, damp earth smells sweet
Creatures run and hide,
If I could only find you
I would rush right to your side.

My head I would bury in your chest
And feel your arms around me,
The warmth of your lips upon my hair
Happiness would surely surround me.

The darkness deepens once again
And the moon at last is waning,
I still havenít found you in the woods
And my heart is sad and paining.

Perhaps you are not going to come
To rendezvous with me,
Sadly I stand and run my fingers
Through the carving on the tree.

I hear a horseís hoof beat,
My heart is beating fast,
I knew that you would come for me
I knew that love would last.

A winter night without a moon
A lamp held in my hand,
The start of a new life for us
The way the stars had planned.

© Linda J. Vaughan
17th. April 2008