Take me back in my dreams
To the "olden Days"
When transport was much slower
And we did things in different ways.

A horse would pull the buggy
Through summer's misty haze
The hoof beats kicking up the dust
Oh yes - they were different days.

Now things move much faster
And there's no time to to be still,
We travel in heated motor cars
When the winter wind is chill.

Take me back in my dreams
To other Christmas times,
When, over the snow clad fields
We would hear the Christmas chimes.

When we would sit with bright eyes
All snugly dressed and warm,
Travelling in the Sleigh to Church,
And home before Christmas morn.

In my mind I still can hear them
Those special tinkling bells,
I can still see the lights in the window
And smell the cooking smells.

Home and time for bed
Excitement everywhere,
Children much to excited to sleep,
Waiting for Santa to be there.

I can still hear the horses hoof beats
Feel the movement of the Sleigh,
Still see the stars all twinkling,
Welcoming Christmas Day.

Take me back in my dreams
To another age and another time,
Let me share the joy of Christmas
And the magic that was mine.

Let me go to sleep in my little room
While cobwebs fill my head,
Let me travel again in the sleigh,
Let me sleep in my little bed.

There is magic abroad at Christmas
Even though it is only in dreams,
It fits in to the pattern of life
It is part of the plans and schemes.

So go back in your dreams
To another time and space,
Fill your heart with the love and joy
You find in your Christmas place.

Linda J. Vaughan
November 2007

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