Life is but a journey
A sojourn somewhat short,
With obstacles and difficulties
Often it is fraught.

Each phase of life is limited
Both in time and space,
As we travel forward
To another phase and place

The sunny, happy childhood days
Where we sojourn without care,
Then on to troubled teenage days
With drama everywhere.

Into adulthood and more changes
Marriage, children ~ busy days
We travel onward
And watch our changing ways.

The picture alters once again
And quieter the life we are living,
We sojourn here in autumn days
Happy with the taking and giving.

A colder wind blows and causes chill
And the years hasten on apace,
How strange we feel in the winter days
Uncertain of this place.

Enjoy each phase of your life
And welcome your life’s days
Celebrate your sojourn
Enjoy life’s special ways.

© Linda J. Vaughan
16th.March 2008