Take my hand and shelter me
From the storms which toss my boat,
Please support and lift me up
And help me stay afloat.
Let me shelter in the harbour
Of a friendship true and fast.
Let me know that you are there for me
With a friendship that will last.

I would like to be there for you
When the winds howl and your boat is tossed
To help you anchor fast near shore
No matter what the cost.
To sit with you at end of day
And watch the sunset glow
To listen to the lapping water
As the waves come in and go.

I wish you blue skies and fair seas
For a journey through your life,
Please know that I am here for you
No matter what the strife.
I wish you full sails and a gentle ocean swell
And for anchoring I wish a harbour full and deep,
So that when you furl your sails
Special memories will be yours to keep.

Linda J. Vaughan
April 2008




ęBeverley Lu Latter Fine Arts