I had coffee on Wednesday
With a friend I know so well,
We took some time to sit and chat
To listen and to tell.
A lady came in to the coffee shop
On the arm of a younger man,
I saw him help her find her way,
To do the best she can.

He left her at a table
While he ordered their meal,
I sensed in her a panic
A confusion very real.
I smiled at this lady
And was saddened by what I saw,
She struggled to know how to respond
Yet she knew so well before.

I looked into her blank and misty eyes
And my own eyes filled with tears,
Where has she gone this lady
Who has travelled many years?
Where is the vibrant young wife
And the mother who showed such care?
Left in her place is a mind confused
And a face which mirrors despair.

I watched as she struggled to eat her lunch,
And thought back to the days
When those hands had guided the man
And kept him from troubled ways.
I felt certain the man was her son
As he touched her arm with pride
When he held her coffee cup in his
I quietly turned aside.

When they left he helped her stand
And let her lean on his arm,
They walked away so slowly
I knew he would keep her from harm.
I felt in my heart his sadness
For the Mother he loved and knew
Now she does not even know
The love that he has is true

He will never know how moved I was,
Nor that I noticed his care
But I know and it somehow changed me
That time I saw them there.
Perhaps there will be a glimmer
Of memory for her one day
I hope she knows he loves her
In a kind and gentle way.

Linda J. Vaughan

March 2007

The Pages of Avalon

"When the mind longs to follow, but the memory erases
And the lips form the words that the heart no longer sings"

Billy Sheffield