"Love Is In The Air"

So much preparation
When love is in the air,
Seems the world’s much sweeter
With tenderness and care.

A beautiful young woman
And a man she loves so much
A smile, a kiss a special word
And loves own tender touch.

Parents proudly beaming
Family everywhere
Seems the whole world is happy
When love is in the air.

A traditional ceremony
With dignity and pride
Majestic music, church bells ringing
A joy that none can hide.

Special traditions and special rings ~
A tiara in her hair
Seems the whole world rejoices
When love is in the air.

He weeps and calls her “Beautiful”
They smile and he holds her hand,
Seems that this was destiny
And the way that it was planned.

A special Bridal veil of lace
Kept and stored with care
Seems the world is much sweeter
When love is in the air.

Special cars and special dresses
A wonderful horse drawn carriage.
Everyone praying
For special blessings on this marriage.

A gown of breathless beauty,
Flowers everywhere
I am sure the world is happy
When love is in the air.

© Linda J. Vaughan
May 15th. 2004
Written for Prince Frederick and
Princess Mary of Denmark.