I am the voice of a woman

With a very caring heart,

The troubles in this world

Are tearing me apart.


I want to stand up and be counted

To storm and never cease

Until the world for our children

Becomes a place of peace.


Alone my voice is quiet

And my tears fall on hard ground,

But if we join together

Then strength in numbers is found.


We can challenge the Politician,

The Professor and the Police,

We can join hands around the world

And we can pray for peace.


We can fight for freedom,

For justice for our brother,

By taking some action

We can care for each other.


We can try to change the laws

So that our hearts can rest,

We shall stand tall and strong

If we are put to the test.


Letís hope that by linking hands

In love around the world,

Freedoms sweet flag

Will one day be unfurled.


© Linda J. Vaughan


April 27th. 2006

Founder of M.A.U.V.E.


Mothers Against Unnecessary Violent Episodes





Mothers Against Unnecessary Violent Episodes

I am Linda and I live in Australia and this group was formed
in the hope that the combining of voices from around the world,
will lend strength and empower us to bring about change.

It is our intention to let Governments, Politicians etc. hear that
voice and acknowledge the concern of the Women of the World.

You donít have to be a Mother to be part of this
Ė you are a daughter and your concern is very valid
for your children,
your grandchildren, for your nieces and nephews, cousins etc.
or for the children you teach.

Please contact me

with any queries or suggestions you may have.

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