May the beauty of Christmas shine in you
Every day through the year,
May you spread some kindness and love
And ease another's fear.

May the magic of Christmas sparkle in you
As you go about your life,
May there be some peace and calm
As you try to overcome strife.

May your heart overflow with the love you have
And the special things you feel,
May you be there to ease the pain
And help another to heal.

May others see in you compassion,
Tenderness and care,
May others know that when trouble comes
You will be always there.

May you be strong enough to hold
The hand of a troubled soul,
To say the right words
And to help them to be whole.

May the beauty and magic of Christmas
Be carried in your heart always,
May you be a bright and shining star
Bringing joy to troubled days.


Linda J. Vaughan

November 2008



music on this page is Oh Master Let Me Walk with Thee.

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