Imagine a world without sunshine,
Imagine a world without rain,
Where no matter what your thoughts
There are days of endless pain.

Imagine living in a confined space
With no one to share your time
Imagine longing for a human touch
Not understanding the reason or rhyme.

Imagine not seeing the shadows
At the beginning or end of the day,
Imagine no sunrays or moonbeams
No comfort along your way.

Imagine a world without fragrance
A world where no flowers bloom,
Imagine the agony of nights and days
In a stark and lonely cell room.

Imagine not seeing a blue sky
Of fluffy white clouds in a cluster,
Imagine for a minute the loneliness
And the energy you just can’t muster.

Imagine not hearing the river
As it splashes on its way,
The autumn leaves as they fall,
Marking another day.

Imagine no walk by the ocean,
Or around the banks of the lake,
You sit and you wonder again and again,
Just how much you can take.

Imagine life in isolation
With nothing to mark the seasons,
Imagine asking the questions
And never knowing the reasons.

Imagine your Father’s visit
When you had no energy to talk,
Imagine for a moment the pain
Of not being able to walk.

Imagine the sounds of a door
As it slams and bolt shuts tight,
Imagine waking in fear and agony
In the middle of another dark night.

Imagine a world without kindness
Where compassion plays no part,
Imaging for a moment
The agony of a broken heart.

I cannot for a moment imagine
The agony of heart and mind
That solitary confinement brings
The worst that you could find.

© Linda J. Vaughan

February 9th. 2006

An “Orange Friday” where by wearing an Orange Ribbon we raise awareness of the plight of David Hicks, an Australian held for over five years in Guantanamo Bay
without charge and without trial.

It is my earnest plea that David
be brought home or charged and given fair trial.