This year has passed so quickly
And Christmas is on the way
I looked and I found out
That it is 88 days today.

The shops are starting to sparkle,
With tinsel and trees and things,
Children are getting excited
About all of the special things.

I remember when I was a child
How the year seemed so long;
It seemed to take forever ~
Maybe I was wrong.

I have been buying things all year
And "squirreling" them away,
Waiting in a cupboard
For that special day.

I know that this is organised
And that I will be glad I did,
But in memory I wander back
To the days when the toys I hid.

I shall be organized I know
And the day will come at last,
Time will move so quickly
And soon it will be past.

So in the busy lead up
To that special time of year
Take time to enjoy the moments
With those you hold so dear.

Make special memories for them
That they can hold in mind,
Enjoy all the excitement
It is the best you can find.

Choose your recipes with care
And tie your gifts with love,
Remember that your family and friends
Are gifts from Heaven above.

As you write your Christmas cards
Think about your friends,
Share the hope for happiness
And joy that never ends.

Listen to the Christmas music
Which soon will fill our days
Decorate your heart and home
In oh so many ways.

Enjoy the anticipation
And the joy that Christmas brings,
Fill your heart with happiness
and your home with Christmas things.

Linda J. Vaughan
September 2007

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The Pages of Avalon