I have a box of treasures
Cherished through the years,
Held in love and trust
And sprinkled with my tears.

It is a large and pretty box
With lots of treasures inside,
It is filled with memories
And joys I cannot hide,

A tiny pink ribbon
Used to tie a babyís hair,
A hand made card from a daughter
Showing her tender care.

There is a knitted jumper
In pink and white and blue,
This one was a favourite
And that I know is true.

Paintings in a childish hand
Books and drawings too,
Lots of special treasures
Reminding me of you.

It is ďMumís Special BoxĒ
And I want you to make a promise true,
That together you will go through this,
When Iím no longer with you.

In this special box you will find
The things that made me whole,
The loving, caring, special things
That brought joy to my soul.

It is a box thatís filled with love
And all sorts of special treasure.
A box that I have filled with things
That bring me joy without measure.

So when the day comes round
And you together lift the lid,
Know, my darlings how special you were
You brought me joy I never hid.

You made the sun shine for me
The stars at night filled my sky,
And if I ever questioned ~
YOU were the reason why.

Love and hugs,

© Linda J. Vaughan

September 2007



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