A Book review of my book.

ďHi,This is Linda.Ē


Linda J. Vaughan

Itís been a dream of mine for years
To write the story of my days,
Iíve tossed it round and given thought
In oh so many ways.

Where do I start and what do I say
About my life and whatís been,
ďTell it straight from the heart MumĒ,
Just how your lifeís been.

Iíve had a beginning and end
In my mind for as long as Iíve known
That one day I would do this,
And thus the story has grown.

It tells of the place where I was born
And my childhood days
Travels with family and differences
And how I learned in so many ways.

The pages tell of my life and my love
And the mistakes I have made,
Laughter and tears, joys and fears
Some have left and some have stayed.

The friends I have gathered
And those I have lost,
The lessons Iíve learned ~
Sometimes at great cost.

The work I have undertaken
And the things I have done,
The battles I have lost
And those I have won.

Itís a light hearted read
And not really too deep,
But I guess there are things
That will cause you to weep.

It tells of my fight for justice
And my political belief,
It tells of the funny times
And those filled with grief.

I am no-one important
But I hope it brings you cheer,
And somehow encourages you
To hold on to whatís dear.

It is meant to serve as a reminder
To those who read itís pages
To hold on to the dreams
To believe in the ages.

Tell those for whom you care
That you love them very much,
Look into their eyes
Let them feel your tender touch.

Please read my book
And I hope you find some peace,
I have enjoyed writing it
It brought days of sweet release.

And now I will finish
With the words I have planned
ďWalk safely through the mists,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.Ē

Goodnight to you and sweet, sweet dreams be yours.

© Linda J. Vaughan.



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